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Name:Ash Ketchum

Interests (80):

admiring brock, aura powers, barry, becoming a pokemon master, being a big eater, being a dork, being a hoyay magnet, being a mama's boy, being a messiah, being friends with my pokemon, being hot-blooded, being impulsive, being reckless, being shipped around too much, brock, brock's awesome cooking, burgers, cartoons, catching pokemon, cilan, cilan's awesome cooking, comic books, crushing on cilan, daddy issues, dawn, disappeared dad syndrome, drew is okay, dying and coming back to life, eating contests with iris, expansion pack past, fanon fabricated backstories and relatives, gary oak, growing up, harley's a jerk, having a million friends, having a million pokemon, having fun, ice cream, iris, junk food, kenny's sort of okay, making people worry, max, may, meeting legendary pokemon, misty, my villa in sinnoh, nando, not being reset every new series, not being ten forever, not cori falls's universe, not having pikachu stolen, not losing battles, not losing pikachu, not mom being kidnapped, not mom being kidnapped by entei, not paul, not pikachu frying girls' bikes, not pokemon abuse, not team rocket, nurse joy, officer jenny, paul is a jerk, pikachu, pizza, professor birch, professor elm, professor juniper, professor oak, professor rowan, proving myself, slap slap kiss with misty, sometimes working with team rocket, stuffing my face, too many variations, tracey sketchit, tracey's sketches, ust with gary, winning battles, zoey
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